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As an integrated relocation services company. We have a large international team providing each of our customers the best of us to be a branch of Argentina from home.

We have a wide network of contacts estate, furniture rental service, moving companies, schools, immigration and all kinds of services to make fast, comfortable and effective resolution of your needs.

We have lived as expatriates on several occasions and we know how important it is to feel comfortable with everything around us. That's why we work every day to provide excellent service.

We offer effective and fast solutions collaborating with companies.
SHINE RELOCATION knows that in each transfer they bet and invest a lot in each of their expatriates.
We have international quality services.


Initial contact, hotel search, temporary housing search, furniture rental, schooling, familiarization, migrations, return to the country of origin.


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Integrated Migratory Services

  • We process all the documentation for the executive of the company that comes to work in Argentina, or who is going to work in another country, can perform their work tasks within the appropriate legal framework.
  • We have a wide network of consultants in Mexico and Latam in its whole.
  • We have our own offices and management centers in Argentina, Brazil and Chile. We provide personalized attention and with the widest information.
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Main Services in Counting

  • RTemporary Residence / Permanent Residence
  • Outbound Business / Tourist / Work / Trainee Visas
  • Provisory and Definitive Cuil/ ID and Driver's License
  • Birth Certificates / Marriage
  • Criminal Record
  • Renure Certificate for Companies
  • Cessation of Labor Relationship/ Legalizations and Apostille
  • Consular Assistance / Consular Visa


Some of the companies that rely on Shine Relocation


Official name: República Argentina, from latin argentum, that means silver.
Capital: Buenos Aires
Coin: Peso
Official Language: Idioma Español
Population: 40.764.561
Government: Federation, Representative Democracy, Presidentialism, Federal Republic.

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Additional services


WORKSHOPS for adults, children and adolescents. They are taught in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Handy Man

HANDY MAN, housing maintenance services.
Home Services

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper Services

Online courses

Online courses Services

Tourist trips

Tourist trips Services

Family Guidence

Family Guidence Services


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